Thursday, January 23, 2014

DOTA: Bane or Boon?


Everyone has an interest in hand. Some enjoy physical games yet others do computer games of different features. Computer games have no gender required, have no time required to play, and are free: just add a monitor, a keyboard and you can settle in it all day. Here we have is a game called "Defense of the Ancients," known to most as DOTA- and let's determine if it's a bane or a boon...

1. The Game

The main objective of DOTA is to knock the opponent's base. In case if you are a Sentinel, you need to crush the FrozenThrone. If you become a Scourge, your objective is to flatten the World Tree. You will also have to choose heroes. Every Hero has its own special characteristics, or powers that may help you defeat an opponent's hero.

2. Disadvantages

DOTA has captured minds of children and adults alike. And as the saying goes, "Everything of too much is bad." Philippines is one of the countless nations that embraced the thrilling, nail-biting game and the odds were great! Young children have failed- and even left school- addicted to playing it. Relationships were ignored- especially in teenager mutual relationships causing broken lives. Some or probably most say that DOTA is both a waste of time and a waste of money.

3. Advantages

DOTA is merely a strategy game. According to trivia, a person who gets attached to these kind of games decide and act quick in life situations. In times, when you are bored, a computer game is a great company- and DOTA is a great company! Trust me, I've played.

4. Conclusion  

"Everything has its limits"... DOTA is another game and a game it must be. To thos who are cons of the game, it's time we respect each others favorites. Why? Each game does have its own effects; good or bad. So at right times and right conditions, I guess it's time to BUILD THE ITEM, KILL THE ENEMY, BREAK ROSHAN, AND DEFEAT THE SCOURGE!

Right 'till next time!